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Taking the New Firefly 2.5 Sample Out for a Spin

Taking the New Firefly 2.5 Sample Out for a Spin

As many of you know our Firefly Gen 2.0 has been sold out for about a month with us and many of our dealers. Global supply chains have been stressed due to the Coronavirus but that has not stopped us from further developing the new Firefly 2.5 "BK Edition."

Stay tuned to our site (particularly our webstore) for more details on the upcoming Firefly 2.5 set to arrive in July 2020 with an MSRP of $2599. Shown below is our Customer Service Manager - Dan Yee, social distancing and trying out the new prototype sample around Aquatic Park in Berkeley, CA. Download the flyer here.

Shout out to Ki Mobility www.kimobility.com for letting us borrow a really nice Titanium folding wheelchair. Many customers contact us with questions on which folding chairs work well with our products. We have to say the Ki Mobility - Catalyst 5 with swing-away footrests works the best!

Photos provided by Joe Budd Photo www.joebuddphoto.com


Dec 02, 2021 • Posted by Mike morgan

I have a older firefly attachment. I am looking for a new one for taking trails here in grass valley.

Dec 02, 2021 • Posted by Jennifer Elizabeth Watts

How much does the Firefly cost?

Dec 02, 2021 • Posted by Theresa Gerbig

Is there a showroom in Phoenix whereby we could test drive one?

Jan 27, 2021 • Posted by Shannon Schaffer

What ti light titanium wheelchair work with the firefly. I am getting a new chair and want to make sure it will fit my firefly. Thanks Shannon

Aug 10, 2020 • Posted by GARCIA

Est il possible de connaitre le prix en France et si on peut se le procurer en France.

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