Rio Mobility | Turn your wheelchair into a power scooter!
The Firefly transforms your wheelchair into a three-wheeled motorcycle by attaching an electric motor that powers you over long distances, up hills, and through rough terrain.
Rio Mobility
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Our products give you the freedom and mobility to take your wheelchair where you never thought possible.

Take your wheelchair over grass, over hills, to your local cafe. Expand your life and regain your independence. We believe that nothing should hold us back from doing what we truly want to do, and the Firefly can help you do that.

One time installation is required, but after that our products latch on and off your wheelchair in seconds!

There is a one time DIY installation process that typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete. We provide all the necessary tools required to make it happen. Unsure if you are able to complete this? Check out the process here. Alternatively, you can try to contact bike stores in your area who might be able to help. We generally recommend having a friend or family member assist you with the process.

Our products will fit MOST wheelchairs

Generally our products work with all rigid wheelchairs. You can check if your wheelchair is compatible here, before you buy below.

1 year limited warranty
30 day money back guarantee

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