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Rio Mobility, the brainchild of Bart Kylstra, was founded in 2006 as a recreational vehicle company starting with the first attachable handcycle conceived by Bart, the Dragonfly. Garnering attention from the wheelchair community, the Dragonfly’s design, ease of use and price point became a successful first offering from the company, leading to its, now flagship product, the Firefly. 

We focus on designing both manual and power attachments that are lightweight and readily compatible with a wide range of wheelchairs currently available on the market. The Firefly, Dragonfly and the newest addition, eDragonfly, a power assist model that is essentially a hybrid electric and manual hand cycle, offer our customers the freedom and choice to travel in the manner that best suits their individual needs. We strive to offer the best product at competitive prices, backed by fast, responsive customer service.

Rio Mobility will continue to improve and add new mobility options as the years go on, stay tuned….