Rio Mobility | Compatibility
Rio Mobility - Handcycle attachments for your favorite wheelchair. Rio Mobility helps you go farther, faster and have more fun with the Firefly electric handcycle that attaches to your standard wheelchair.
Rio Mobility
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Device compatbility

As part of our quick installation process, you will attach clamps onto the frame of our wheelchair. However, not every wheelchair will fit our clamps. Use this guide to determine if our devices are right for you, if you are unsure you can always send a picture of your wheelchair below and we will let you know if it will fit!

Fits any rigid frame wheelchair

As a general rule, our device fits any rigid frame wheelchair, or wheelchairs without moveable footrests.

Seat Width

In terms of seat width, our devices can accommodate chairs that ar e 35.5 to 55.8 cm / 14 to 22 inches.

Tube Diameters

Our devices current support:

  • 22.2 mm or 7/8 inch
  • ¬†25.4 mm or 1 inch
  • 28.6 mm or 1.125 inch
  • 30.5 mm or 1.2 inch
  • 31.8 mm or 1.25 inch

For chairs with moveable footrests

All of our devices require about 1.25″ of clearance on the tubing, above the area where the footrests would attach to.

Send a picture of your wheelchair and we will determine if our devices will fit